AOI is the area of interest and stores and manages all AOIs you upload or download. AOI can be used in tools: raster clip, vector clip and training tool. Users can easily find their available AOIs by searching the name of AOI.


Tab My AOIs show all the owner’s AOIs


There are 4 ways to create new AOI: Draw on Map, Upload file, Drag and drop and Using the region boundary

  • Draw on map

Step 1: Click icon below


Step 2: Click icon Draw tool to select tool


Click or use shortcut (3 for Draw polygon, 4 for Draw rectangle, 5 for Draw assist rectangle, 6 for Draw circle) to select tool


Step 3: Use selected tool to draw AOI on map


Step 4: Click icon Save:


or Save Current AOI button


Step 5: Type AOI name


Step 6: Click Submit button

  • Upload file: by browse or drag/drop file into map

Step 1: Click icon Upload AOI


A popup will appear


Step 2: Click dropbox -> Select file from PC or Drag and drop file into dropbox (System support file: .zip, geojson, .kml, .kmz, .gml , .shp (.shp, shx, prj, .dbf)).

If not .shp file, only select one file:


Else, select four files: .shp, .shx, .prj, .dbf:


Step 3: Click Upload button


New AOI is created

  • Drag and drop file into map

Step 1: Select file from PC

Step 2: Drag and drop into map

  • Create by region boundary

Step 1: Select region boundary


You can select one or many boundaries.

If select many boundaries, please choose UNION or CONCAVE HULL


Step 2: Click Save Current AOI button



User want to see info of AOI

Click menu icon -> Click Info button



User want to edit existed AOI

Step 1: Click pen icon of AOI you want edit


Step 2: Click AOI on map -> Edit


Step 3: Click Save icon


Click Update button to confirm change



User want copy AOI to other workspace

Step 1: Click menu icon of AOI -> Copy to


Step 2: Select workspace which you want copy to -> Click Copy button

../../_images/copy_aoi_2.png ../../_images/copy_aoi_3.png

=> AOI is copied to the workspace “Trang”. Open workspace to check.


Select AOI which you want to download: Click menu icon -> Click download button.


=> File is saved as .geojson. File name is AOI’s name.

Search in Image

User want to use AOI to search image


and the display to search image appear:



User want share AOI to other user with email

Step 1: Click menu icon -> Click Share with button


Step 2: Type email

You can share to multi different email:

  • Type email

  • Press Enter in keyboard


Step 3: Click Share button


=> AOI is shared to other user


User want to rename AOI

Step 1: Click menu icon -> Click Rename button


Step 2: Type new name and add tag or not (Add tag: Type tag -> Enter).


Step 3: Click Submit button

../../_images/rename_aoi_3.png ../../_images/rename_aoi_4.png

=> AOI is renamed and add tag


Users want to delete AOI.

Step 1: Click menu icon -> Click Delete button


Step 2: Click confirm button